Read to the bottom of the page. If you are an organised type, this blog will probably not help you, although I can do with your help. Feel free to share your tips and wisdom. Trust me, I need all the help I can get (and more). If you are in the same boat as me, then let me know and we can be a mutual support team. Something that I am very good at is giving encouragement and advice to others. I just usually forget to listen or act on my own advice. Now, please read on!


I hate my house. I hate the state that it is in. I hate the fact that I never seem to get ahead. I hate that I can never have people over without first totally reorganising everything. I hate that there is so much hate in my life right now. Well, actually, that is just not true. The rest of my life is going along swimmingly. It’s just that when I walk in the front door another Heather seems to take over. The Heather that will read a book cover to cover in one sitting. The Heather that lets the dishes pile up and then has a huge mess on the sink. The Heather that lets the dirty clothes pile up and then washes things on demand. The Heather that has piles of papers that should be filed. The Heather that has bills unpaid and gets nasty reminders because they got stuck in the middle of the un-filed paperwork.


Am I lazy? If you look at all the things that I do outside the house (and inside occasionally), then the answer is most definitely not. Am I unorganised. MOST DEFINITELY. Do I get sidetracked easily? Well yes. Do I procrastinate? ABSOLUTELY. Do I want to change? Well…. Therein lies one of the biggest problems. The drive to change, to improve, to make things better (or least more bearable), does not appear to be very strong. If you are a follower of The FlyLady, you’ll know that one of the key points is that you really have to WANT the change. Then it will come. Hit rock bottom and then the only way is up. Sadly I seem to have hit rock bottom, and now I remain on the floor.


I really need to find the key that will turn this situation around, so whatever it takes I’m willing to give it a try. Publicly shaming myself might just do the trick. I’ve tried the FlyLady system before, I’ve followed the Organised Housewife and I subscribe to more than one decluttering newsletter. Surely with all this inspiration around me, I can get it together. So this year is about documenting the changes. Whatever they are, however small, until I find the key that unlocks the door to a more organised and less cluttered life.


Updating 24th January 2017: not much change. There are now two dogs in the house, and although they don’t make much mess they do distract me from the mission at hand. I would much rather do something else than face the dilemma of ‘keep vs throw’.

Cleaning tends to be hiding rather than cleaning and therein lies the problem. Stuff has to go so there is room to clean.

So I have deleted games from the phone. I think next up will be the social media 🙂 Netflix will be reserved for ironing, knitting, sewing etc.

Last but not least, I found an on-line course for working on the entrance hall. Maybe doing will help me along…

As at January 11th, 2014 I seem to have made the situation worse. Tomorrow is a new day right! I try to write lists to keep on top of stuff, and instead have lists for the different lists I use. I have a diary that sometimes is updated almost daily and then sometimes I can go days without opening the diary at all.  This journey was supposed to be about getting on top of things and much more. The reason for this journey is laid out in my very first post. I arrived in Finland with a toddler and two suitcases. The toddler is now a teenager and if I left now, I think I would need two containers. I decided that this, my 48th year would be one of downsizing, simplifying and just getting rid of the things that I don’t need. The idea at the beginning was to document on a daily basis all the stuff that I was getting rid of. Somewhere along the line the tally plateaued and I realised that once again more stuff was coming in than was leaving. So, now I’ve decided to just document what happens – mostly the good and sometimes the bad. By the end of my 48th year (August) and then into the rest of 2014 you’ll see progress. Please join me on this journey. If you’ve been there before perhaps you have some words of encouragement. If you’re about to undertake the same journey, I hope I’m able to offer some inspiration to you. (This blog was previously called Erica The Vulgar – based on a character I made up. She’s not really vulgar as you can see from this post.)