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Back to school # 01 — 26/01/2014

Back to school # 01

Just after my most recent post, I attended a one night course hosted at the Finnish Helsinki Adult Education. The subject was “Kaapin täydeltä – vai olisiko vähemmän enemmän?” which roughly translates to “Full cupboards – or could it be a little bit more?” That definitely refers to the cupboards here….

There were a little more over a dozen of us and a teacher who marvelled at our committment to spending our Friday evening in the class room. I have to admit to being a little surprised myself. Friday’s are precious in our house for family time. I enrolled months ago when the date was first published, so Friday night or not, there was no way I would miss this class. Luckily the The Engineer was otherwise occupied and Mr. 14 made some alternative plans.

The teacher Arja, is a professional organiser by day and knows her stuff. We had a round robin of introductions and then straight into the material, which the class moved through at a quite nice pace. Like in any group, some were more vocal than others. I was part of the latter group this time round. It’s funny, in Finnish class (the language that is) you can’t shut me up! Anyway, I came away with two reinforcements – I’ve done so many courses that I think I’ve heard it all now. Anyway, reinforcement # 1 is that a full cupboard is actually only 75% full – which absolutely makes sense. The other thing is that renting a storage unit will NOT solve our problems. This is the path that The Engineer wants to follow. To me it’s just dead money, we would be far better off just working through the piles little by little, day by day until the stuff is gone…

Anyway, I now have a notebook dedicated to the emptying cupboards project. I think I need to revisit every now and again. I just had a quick peek and realised that I have broken at least two rules in the last two days…

Back to the drawing board perhaps…

PS: Have you used a professional organiser? Did the investment pay off? The reason I ask is that The Engineer has promised that I can buy myself a present. Not sure if this is what he had in mind, although there is nothing that I need nor want at the moment. Apart from time…

PPS: Next course is just around the corner… better make sure I do my pre-course homework this time!

Day 145/365 — 12/01/2014

Day 145/365

I’ve discovered the secret to a shiny sink. Don’t use it 🙂

I left the house after breakfast and just got home. Mr. 14 was out and about during the day, as was The Engineer. We enjoyed an early dinner with my mother-in-law who was passing through Helsinki for the day.

The closest we’ve come to using the sink today has been filling the kettle in order to make tea! Thus it’s in exactly the same condition as I left it last night.

Is it cheating? No way!

Day 144/365 # 02 —
Day 144/365 # 01 — 11/01/2014

Day 144/365 # 01

As I fully intend to post before and after pictures, this is post # 1 for today. There will be a shiny sink here before I go to bed. In case you didn’t get that the first time: THERE WILL BE A SHINY SINK HERE BEFORE I GO TO BED. With before and after pictures.

Day 024/365 — 14/09/2013

Day 024/365

Sitting on the boat, enjoying a pre-dinner drink and pondering my coming week.

We left in a hurry and things were left half done. Something to conquer when we get back tomorrow.

This daily posting is about to go a little deeper into my life, not just the Chaos aspect! For instance today I spent a good hour investigating on-line reservation systems for tour operators. Now I’m more confused than before…

Or that the dog got an out of schedule shower due to coming home covered in mud and grass-seeds :/

Off to dinner 🙂 Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite 🙂

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