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Aargh, it’s that time again… — 01/01/2013

Aargh, it’s that time again…

… just how did that roll around so quickly? Suffice to say, it would not be fair to say that I didn’t get much achieved in this last year. I started lots of things, some even reached completion! The dog moved in. I passed the summer university course. Then again the decluttering went in spits and spurts. The control manual never truly got off the ground. The 20 day challenge, managed to be a 2 day challenge and an 18 day letdown.

So now it’s 2013.

I have decided that once again there will be none of this new year resolution business this year. Why? Exactly what is the point? The last new years resolution I made lasted two weeks, and that was probably 20 years ago….

I’ve enrolled in a ‘get your life under control’ course through the local adult education. The lady who runs the course is famous throughout the land, I’ve read her book and yet I’m still in dire straights. Maybe hearing her wisdom will set me on the right path!

My house has become the ‘palace of piles’ and it’s not something I’m proud of. Actually the piles are seriously restricting our living space, as they are all in the dog free zones.

I couldn’t even throw anything away today: our rubbish hasn’t been collected for about a week due to goodness knows what. Okay, lack of access for the trucks due to snow on the street. The bins are full to overflowing and I’m not going to be like some of my neighbours and just dump the stuff willy nilly. The garbos only take what is in the bins, so dumping stuff just makes it nasty for everybody else.

Tomorrow is a new day!

PS: For dinner today we had the traditional Finnish New Years Eve delight of potato salad and nakki. Why today and not yesterday? I decided to go a little more upmarket and baked an onion pie, with chorizo-paprika skewers (as per my header photo!) along side topped off by rosemary-honey roasted walnuts. Erica’s traditional NYE menu. Two years in row I’ve made this so it must be traditional now.

Dinner: Saturday 29.12.2012 (Mustard chicken) — 29/12/2012
Dinner: Friday 28.12.2012 (Miso-Salmon) — 28/12/2012
Relaunching ‘The Dinner Diary’ —

Relaunching ‘The Dinner Diary’

This is from my other blog… transplanted as I think it belongs here much better 🙂 anyway, now I have a category called The Dinner Diary and I’m going to try and post recipes and pictures on a daily basis… well pictures anyway 🙂

This first entry is the first two weeks of 2012 and what we ate then!

January 1: late late lunch at our friends’ place means that we’re not particularly hungry. There is rye bread and cheese for home coming snack. The Engineer’s brother and family arrive after a visit to the Talvisirkus (winter circus) in time to enjoy warmed up blueberry juice. Yummy 🙂

January 2: Siskonmakkarakeitto Sister sausage soup

‘Sister-sausage’ Soup

January 3: Spaghetti bolognese and herb-bread

January 4: Fried rice

January 5: Home made pizza

January 6: Mustard chicken with spinach and mashed potato.

January 7: Left-overs (fried rice for me, and pasta bolognese for Mr. 12)

January 8: Cheese toasties.

January 9: Lasagne & salad

January 10: Homemade burgers

January 11: Takeaway burgers

January 12: Pasta bolognese

January 13: Pepper steak and oven vegetables

January 14: Dinner out – Japanese. Finally some fish. Way too much red meat this week 🙂