Another journey around the sun…

My 51st year (and beyond) … heading towards a simpler existence (or just getting on top of it all!)

Day 140/365 — 07/01/2014

Day 140/365

Thanks to this wonderful site here, I’ve worked out that there are 80 days or 2 months and 19 days of undocumented life. Oops.

And yes, the stuff remains ….

Day 4 and the next step — 14/05/2012

Day 4 and the next step

Today’s step is nicely simple in its execution. Write it down.

Shine the sink.

Get dressed to shoes.

Read the messages.

The messages come to my mail box. I saw that this week we are working in the bathroom zone. One of mine is fine, the other one… well let’s just say there is a mountain of washing awaiting some attention.

Back to the control journal. It’s a manual of routines. As you go along, more and more tasks are added. Eventually every task finds its own place in the routine. So far my evening routine consists of shining sink, charging the dishwasher and bed. Morning routine ablutions, dressing to shoes, breakfast and newspaper reading.

You might notice that emptying dishwasher is not mentioned. It is supposed to be Mr. 12’s task. However for the short-term I’m taking that responsibility away from him and building it into the morning routine. Never fear, I’ll find another suitable task for him to do!

Have to say this shiny sink and empty bench greeting me every morning is just fantastic!

Steps taken so far… — 13/05/2012

Steps taken so far…

Well according to the getting started page the starting steps go like this:

1) Join the e-mail group: your mail box will be filled with messages from Kelly and the Flylady, testimonials from other Flybaby’s, missions, weekly and daily, Marla’s musing. Seriously large numbers of mails arrive every day. The majority I delete pretty much immediately. The testimonials annoy me immensely. It’s not that I don’t believe that Flylady has brought so much change to people’s live, far from it. I just don’t see the need to rave on and on and on about it. Maybe in 12 months time I’ll have changed my tune. Let’s see…

2) Read the FLYing lessons: Done! Some I’ve taken onboard already a long time ago: 15 minutes is actually a decent chunk of time to do stuff in. It works. The flying lessons are listed at the bottom of today’s post.

3) Start the baby steps. Day 1 – shine the sink, Day 2 – dress to shoes, Day 3 – repeat Day 1 and 2, explore FlyLady land. That’s where I’m off to now.

BTW: It’s Mother’s Day today in pretty much the whole of the world (with the exception of the UK) so let’s say Happy Mums Day to all the mums of the world, near and far.