Another journey around the sun…

My 51st year (and beyond) … heading towards a simpler existence (or just getting on top of it all!)

Day 141/365 — 08/01/2014

Day 141/365

Calendar fail … for the second time this week. Luckily I opened the email before lunch and reread the school emails. Not only was class scheduled for today instead of tomorrow, the travel fair that I’m volunteering at is really next week, not this week.

On the ‘to do list’: update all the calendars (on-line and paper) so that this week will be the only calendar fail of the year.

The rest of the day was spent putting out fires. Lots of little jobs and none of any great consequence. Certainly nothing that makes me feel like YES! one more thing to cross off the list.

The final effects of the jet lag are still hanging around, although the middle of the night wake-up is getting later and later each morning. This morning I’d just got back to sleep when The Engineer’s alarm went off. He’s off on another trip. I could have got up at the same time and walked the dog, except it was an hour earlier than I normally get up AND it was raining. Lousy excuse I know. Anyway Perry and I left at the normal time and still came home soaked. At least the forecast for the weekend is for proper winter weather. Cold. Even if there is no snow, at least it will finally feel like winter!

Day ???/365 — 07/01/2014

Day ???/365

I think I need to go back in time and work out exactly which number I’m up to. In the meantime, my day has been spent fixing my themes, working on a family project that will come to fruition in 2016 and tidying up my digital life.

Day 028/365 — 18/09/2013

Day 028/365

Wow, what a day! Lunch with the guy from Yelp, then off to do some work, then home to back some chili-cheese muffins. The muffins were my contribution to the meeting I had with my 2nd favourite IT guy.

I’m 28 days into this challenge, and in another 28 days my website will go live! There’s a new twitter account (@heatherhelsinki), and the Facebook page will be made public soon. It looks very naked at the moment … and as much as I’d like to get some likes happening straight away, I’m going to gather my content first.

Decluttering and all things housework have been put on the back-burner for now. I expect that all this IT business from my side will be sorted in the next 24 hours and then I can go back to trying to get in control!!!!

Hope your Wednesday was just as enjoyable 🙂

Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite 🙂

Day 027/365 — 17/09/2013

Day 027/365

I’m back 🙂 The smiley face is just for show though, blocked nose, sore throat, cotton wool head. I have it all.

The sink is cluttered, the bench is half cleared and the inbox overflowing.

Tomorrow is another day 🙂

Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite 🙂

Posted on the go! From my Nokia Lumia 🙂

Day 025/365 — 15/09/2013

Day 025/365

The. Flu. Has. Struck.

I feel utterly miserable. Early night for me, and let’s see how I feel in the morning.

Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite 🙂

Posted on the go! From my Nokia Lumia 🙂