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Pre-Challenge Days 3 & 4: All caught up! — 30/08/2012

Pre-Challenge Days 3 & 4: All caught up!

Or now my morning and afternoon routines have been mapped out. Mr. 13 also has his own sheets…

You’ll notice that there are no times listed:

Tasks 3 & 4: Routines!

We pretty much get up at the same time every week day. Mr. 13’s school day starts at 08:15 every day except Tuesday, while The Engineer is generally out the door between 08:30 and 09:00. My days start and end all over the place and now that my course is confirmed I’ll have some early starts in the next couple of weeks.

Afternoon routines are also un-timed. Depending on the day, Mr. 13 might arrive home any time between 13:30 and 20:30. The Engineer has plenty of overseas clients which result in late afternoon phone conferences. Sometimes that delays his arrival home so I try to plan meals that don’t spoil from sitting too long… it’s super important to me that we eat together as a family!

My issue (and Mr. 13’s) is distraction. I start doing something and then go off on a tangent, and then another one and before I know it, I’m so far from the original task that I’ve either forgotten what I was doing or I have to start all over again! Sound familiar? So, with a checklist, let’s see how getting through the afternoon, feeding the family, doing the homework and staying on top works out …

I do try to go to bed at the same time every night and that does make getting up at the same time every morning really easy. I generally wake before the alarm and start reading my mails and then cancel the alarm… not exactly the best way to start the day!

Looking forward to pre-challenge # 5 and then starting on Monday 🙂

Pre-challenge day 2: THE cleaning kit —

Pre-challenge day 2: THE cleaning kit

The cleaning kit

Here it is in all its’ glory: spray bottle pink is vinegar, spray bottle green is window cleaner, the bottle on the right is saved for the heavy-duty marks, three microfibre cloths for wiping, windows, dust etc. Mini-scrubber with replaceable heads (it’s a dish mop and this one is saved for bathroom work only!) and in the little jar at the front is bi-carb soda. (I used a sprinkles jar.)

Bi-carb and vinegar work a treat on just about anything (except the most stubborn of stubborn) and I’m happy to say there aren’t too many nasties in my cleaning cupboard anymore.

In preparation for the arrival of the puppy (mystery date at the moment), I moved everything from under the kitchen sink into the cleaning locker. Now this is how it looks:

Cleaning locker top half

Very top shelf has bulk hand towel and toilet paper. Bought as part of school fundraiser, we’re not huge hand towel fans so this bulk pack is taking a while to get through. Second shelf has baskets with dust cloths and floor mops, and all the flammable liquids. Hanging on the top of the inside of the door is the last vacuum bag.

Cleaning locker bottom half

Cleaning kit and some kitchen detergents, floor polish etc. Vacuum cleaner, iron and ironing board, rubbish bags, while the emergency contact paper (in case of consuming poison etc) is above the basket with the carpet cleaner (ie you bash the living daylights out of the carpet) and floor mop head.

Now to print the checklists, shopping lists and put them in the folder 🙂

I’m not the only one… —

I’m not the only one…

It’s really heartening when you see other bloggers getting in the spirit: let me introduce you to Mummalish, she’s also taking part in the 20 day challenge!

Pop over and say hello, she’s a young mum and going through the same daily housework / organising struggles as the rest of us. Plus, she has a nice series of ABC’s around the world.

Say hi from me 🙂

A new approach… — 29/08/2012

A new approach…

When I first got this blog started and hooked up with the Facebook page of the same name, a friend directed me to the Organised Housewife, she’s sort of an Australian Flylady, just not quite. (More commercial in my mind.)

Now, so far my ‘flying’ could be likened to something with concrete wings. So when I saw this challenge pop up last week, I thought why not?

I’ve done step one of the first three pre-challenge missions.Here is my folder, ready to be filled with all sorts of jobs, lists and notes.

Getting organised, to get organised…

Next to gather some cleaning materials and further organisation.

I’ve done some blog site maintenance? Can you see the difference?!