Another journey around the sun…

My 51st year (and beyond) … heading towards a simpler existence (or just getting on top of it all!)

2017 with a rocket! — 24/01/2017

2017 with a rocket!

I’ve come home today feeling excited to start work on getting organised. It’s not the first of the month or the first day of the week, it is just the first day.

Baby steps folks, baby steps!

The last of Christmas 2016 — 13/01/2017

The last of Christmas 2016

I usually save all the paper and ribbons. No more! This year the cards and tags have been saved digitally and now everything is headed for the appropriate recycling bin. 

This lovely gold ribbon is the last to go (I like shiny things 😎)…

New year, new theme — 05/01/2017

New year, new theme

What do you think?! I’m sitting here at Bangkok Airport with a few hours on my hands (due to delayed flight) and what better way to make the morning go better than to change my theme. I think it also suits the theme of the blog also… you know getting rid of stuff and organising myself etc etc.

Now I guess I have to come back and fix all the things that invariably get pushed out of place whenever you change theme.

Bear with me – we’ll get there 🙂

Happy New Year! — 03/01/2017

Happy New Year!

It would appear that I am almost half way through my 51st year already, so there is a little bit of editing to do before we get too far down the track.

In the mean time, a little bit of an announcement: New Year Resolutions!  I have two this year: make my online time meaningful and whenever I need to give a name that has to be called out (coffee shops for instance) I use the dog’s names (Perry and Noa). I started already before the end of the year with Perry – although I have to admit it may have been a ‘I’m missing my dogs’ sort of thing….

New routines… — 22/08/2016

New routines…

They say that it takes 21 days to learn a habit. Which is great if you know what the habit is that you are starting / stopping.

Right now, I’ve spent three hours hopping from task to task, without actually getting anything done (unless you count drinking two cups of tea and three coffees an achievement)…

I know my working from home hours need to become more organised. It’s just I’m not sure how my day should be structured. Half an hour of email, followed by a bit of social media, followed by some research, followed by some housework as light relief and then back into the fray. At least that was my plan. Not this hotchpotch of bouncing from corner to corner.

More later….