I have far too many clothes in my wardrobe. No doubt about it. What I also lack is any real sense of my own style.

I also subscribe to far too many different blogs and lately haven’t had a chance to really follow any properly.

Imagine my joy to open the latest message from Bloglovin and find a suggested post from a series called The Wardrobe Architect.

The post I read was concentrating on colour and encouraged the reader to follow a few exercises and work out what my colour is.

I liked what I read, clicked the follow button as I invariably do and headed back to the beginning of the project!

This is what I found!

Now my next notebook exercise was going to be wardrobe based. So perhaps I use this as a starting point. After all, I have to start somewhere…

PS: there is even a button I can add to the blog to show I’m participating! Watch the sidebars in the coming days …