I’m contemplating a regular post, not just any regular post though. This one will be (loosely) based on a theme. My dilemma is which theme would be best. So, I’m handing the decision over to you. Yes! You, faithful follower or accidental arrival my regular Friday post is now in your hands.
Voting starts today and will run for one week. At the end, we’ll know if I’ll be feeding your eyes or tickling your fancy 😉

The choices are Friday Food or Friday Funny.

In our house, the best meal of the week is Friday night. It’s our version of date night if you like. For instance, tonight overcooked pork with apple sauce and oven vegetables is on the menu. Dessert will probably be ice-cream, purely because it’s the best and simplest dessert around. Sometimes I get creative and have been know to make chocolate fondants or Tarte Tatin on occasion.

Friday FUnny is just that. It might be a joke, or a picture or a you-tube clip embedded for your enjoyment. My email has a folder full of jokes that have arrived over the years, so I know I have no shortage of material.

Here is the poll, vote fast and vote often. Remember my blogging future depends on your vote. Okay, that might be overly dramatic. The future direction of this blog depends on YOU!

Now that you’ve voted, check out my new ‘about‘ page. Updated as part of the Zero to Hero Challenge.