Day 6 of the Zero to Hero challenge and I need to use a new element. I’d like to share something from Spotify and at the same time tie it into a half decent post. So I think I’ll share my minimal Christmas with you and round off with a Spotify track.

What did you get for Christmas? Is it a big deal in your house? (Nowadays, more for the kids than the adults, I like the food part!)
Do you go for quantity over quality? Is everybody spoilt? Or do the gifts run to the useful end of the scale? (Definitely, socks’n’jocks!)
Do you do away with gifts and cards altogether? I have a friend who with her husband, sends out a slide show summarising their year and at the end she identifies the charity that she’s donated to.

Our family this year went with minimal Christmas. My siblings came to an agreement not to exchange gifts between our families. I altered this a little to say that if I saw you, there would be a gift. After all, we were flying half way round the world! Instead we called and chatted on the day, even if the phone coverage was a bit dodgy and looking for a signal took forever. We took small gifts and a mystery envelope from my mother-in-law that arrived the day we left. It was all about travelling light 🙂

The best gift this year was from The Engineer. It couldn’t be wrapped, couldn’t be manhandled so to speak and many more people benefited from our present than us.

  • We flew to Australia to spend time with family and see a bit of Australia as well 🙂 Mr. 14 met one cousin for the first time and really got to know another who was a baby last time they met.
  • Our dog spent time with the Finnish side of the family. Judging by the tears as they said goodbye, the youngest will miss him a lot.
  • We spent plenty of time exploring, eating, drinking, even some shopping! To be sure, lots of capital was injected into the Australian economy.
  • I met up with two girlfriends that I haven’t seen in many years. Photos and good times all around.
  • We climbed mountains, swam, walked and generally enjoyed the great outdoors. In keeping with the (accidental) theme of experience rather than stuff, Mr. 14 watched over his (sleeping) younger cousins while the adults enjoyed an alfresco dinner.
  • Even though this word gets thrown about a lot, it really does sum up how I feel about our trip: Perfect!

Continuing with the theme of minimal, The Engineer also renewed my Spotify subscription. Seriously, this is quite possibly the most practical gift he’s ever given me (aside from the axe I received on my first Mothers Day – that’s another story!) My eclectic taste is well reflected in my playlists ranging from Avicii through Imagine Dragons onto Moby and a little Eminem. What would you like to hear? This has been high on the rotation lately: Eminem feat. Rihanna!

Now that I’ve worked out how to do this, guaranteed there’ll be more to come 🙂