Calendar fail … for the second time this week. Luckily I opened the email before lunch and reread the school emails. Not only was class scheduled for today instead of tomorrow, the travel fair that I’m volunteering at is really next week, not this week.

On the ‘to do list’: update all the calendars (on-line and paper) so that this week will be the only calendar fail of the year.

The rest of the day was spent putting out fires. Lots of little jobs and none of any great consequence. Certainly nothing that makes me feel like YES! one more thing to cross off the list.

The final effects of the jet lag are still hanging around, although the middle of the night wake-up is getting later and later each morning. This morning I’d just got back to sleep when The Engineer’s alarm went off. He’s off on another trip. I could have got up at the same time and walked the dog, except it was an hour earlier than I normally get up AND it was raining. Lousy excuse I know. Anyway Perry and I left at the normal time and still came home soaked. At least the forecast for the weekend is for proper winter weather. Cold. Even if there is no snow, at least it will finally feel like winter!