Day 3 of Zero to Hero:

I came home from a Book Club gathering and the first thing that I saw when I walked in the front door was a pile of stuff, shoes, bags, recycling etc. I continued further and encountered three under-the-bed storage boxes, obviously not under any bed. I turned the corner to the kitchen / dining / lounge room and the view wasn’t much better. Papers, food, cables, books, bills, pens and all manner of stuff on every surface. Then I cast my mind back to where I’d just spent an extremely enjoyable evening.

Our hostess lives in a tiny one room apartment, she is however a master of making the most of small spaces. Even when we are all sitting on every free spot, it doesn’t feel crowded. Lots of white interspersed with brightness and no piles.

Everything in its place.

Granted, she has no children, and although I’ve heard that excuse before, I don’t think it’s a valid one. I know as many families that live perfectly neat and tidy lives as families that, like mine are in some sort of chaos.

Simply put, I have too much stuff.

Note that I’m not saying I don’t have enough room. Our home is more than sufficient for three people and a dog. No, most definitely I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF. Please forgive me for shouting, sometimes it is the only way to get the point across.

Flylady, The Organised Housewife, Decluttter Diet. Are any of these familiar to you? All of these have graced my inbox at one point or another and all are regular contributors to my Facebook feed. Yet, still I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!

The idea was that I would document my daily dejunking, decluttering efforts so I could measure the progress. For a few days I did that, and then life got in the way and nothing left the house and of course I started beating myself up about yet again starting something and not seeing it through to the end.

2014 sees an attitude adjustment, I’m still trying for daily dejunking. I’m just not going to get upset with myself if things aren’t smooth sailing. As long as more stuff goes out of the house than comes in, my target will be met. Eventually. One of these days.

So now you know my story, what’s yours? Do you have too much stuff like me? Do you hang on to things because one day they might be useful? Guilty as charged. Is your wardrobe suffering from bloating? I know mine is. Actually my wardrobe is probably suffering some sort of identity crisis! I’d be honoured if you could join me as I clear out my cupboards, bookshelves, hard-drives, clouds and the kitchen bench πŸ™‚

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