Usually we summarise our years by what has happened in the past. We might take our diaries and flick through the pages, taking in all those little reminders, to-dos and exclamation marks. My diary is full of those marks, usually in red or green 🙂 Alternatively WordPress hands a summary to you, all neatly packaged and ready for instant publishing. This year my Facebook gave me a month by month, my very own top 12 if you like. Except that the algorithm doesn’t recognise my highs or lows. The gutted feeling when I found out that I’d been used and discarded will stay a very long time as will the total I’m on top of the world bounce when finally everything fell into place.

So I’m going to gaze into my crystal ball and share my 2014 predictions with you.

Home: We won’t move this year, although there will be big changes. The kitchen will get an overhaul. Some furniture will go, giving us some space and possibly there will be some wallpapering. This last point is very much on the maybe, if we get time list.

Social: The Book Club will be hosted by yours truly once this year. Hopefully later in the year, after the kitchen revamp. The Book Club is an extremely important part of my life – my substitute family (and very good friends), I’d be lost without them. We have one milestone birthday this year – Mr . 14 will turn 15, which means he’ll be old enough to be in charge of a motorized vehicle. The thought simultaneously terrifies me and fills me with pride. I’m toying with the idea of hosting an Independence Day party. First I have to work on The Engineer to get him on side – he’s not the world’s most social type.

School: I’m going to try to do my homework more in time and less last minute 🙂 although I won’t stop being the vocal one when we are all in class. Autumn will hopefully see me start a new travel course and so some time in 2015 I’ll achieve “official” status. The next month sees me doing lots of practical exams – hopefully my nerves don’t get the better of me.

Work: One troublesome client has to go. I’m just not sure how to extract myself without burning too many bridges. My own business needs much nourishment at the moment, not necessarily monetary although of course that never hurts. No, I’m talking about my undivided attention.

Other: More exclamation marks are never a bad thing, so I hope there are lots of surprises. I hope that all of the loose ends from the past 6 or 7 years finally get tied up. I’ve decided to concentrate on just one issue at a time until there is nothing left.

Let’s see how the diary looks at the end of 2014!

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