Like many in the WordPress community, I subscribe to The Daily Post. I generally quickly read them and then delete. Yesterday came this 3, 2, 1… BLOG! post, with the catchy Zero to Hero phrase. I quickly read it and decided that perhaps the 30 day challenge might work. As you can see from my earlier post, the 365 days challenge was a little bit too much for me ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here we go then, here is my who am I and why am I here post… Again!

WHO AM I: my avatar reads Kanerva and that is the Finnish equivalent of my real name, Heather. I was born in Tasmania, roughly 47,5 years ago and I’ve lived here permanently since 2001. We all wear many hats, and I’m no exception! I run a fledgling tour business here in Helsinki so entrepreneur is one hat. I study Finnish part-time as well as Tourism Studies, so the next hat is “student”. Let’s follow really quickly with all those other hats: mother, sister, daughter, aunt, taxi-driver, keeper of the wallet, dog walker, that old perennial ‘chief cook and bottle washer’, cyclist, reader, committee member plus a whole heap that I know I’ve missed.

WHY AM I HERE: Let’s say one part sharing, one part journal, one part writing, one part venting, one part interacting. I’ve been blogging for a while now ย and enjoy all of those parts. The interaction and community spirit has been the most surprising part of blogging for me. My Taswegian blog has some core followers and I always look forward to seeing what they have to add to my post. The other main reason for THIS blog is this terrible situation I’ve found myself in, where I have too much stuff and I just need to get rid of it. Some is mental and some is physical, and let’s not forget all the digital stuff as well; the commonality is that it just needs to go and my life needs to get back on track again. This blog is also all about giving myself permission to say NO to stuff and not beat myself up about disappointing people (or myself).

WHAT I POST ABOUT: Recently I’ve tried to keep up with daily posting, that lasted a while except lots of days got missed out, and then it got to the point where it just looked plain silly and then to top it all off, I lost track of the days! It started out as a running post of all the stuff I got rid off – now I’m thinking it might be better just to post about if something went and how I felt about its’ departure. After all, I seem to have a terrible problem in actually saying goodbye to the clutter ๐Ÿ™‚ I really hope that this blog will evolve with me.

MY TARGET AUDIENCE: Anyone who wants to chart their progress, anyone who is on a journey of self discovery and still has two feet on the ground. Let’s keep it real!

ABOUT: Check out the About page – at the moment the link is up on the top right hand side. As you can see this has been going for a while!!!

So stick around for the next month and let’s see where we end up. Right now I’m off to add the badge!