Well that’s gone well wouldn’t you say!!! As far as I can see the last post was day 28, about a month ago.

This morning I was busily mass deleting emails from the last couple of days when I cam across this little gem from The Daily Post: When Life Gets in the Way. It’s full of very timely hints and tips… like cutting myself some slack and not beating myself for not posting. Anyway, I have three other blogs that need caring for also, although this is the only one that I say would be daily based!

So what have I been up to lately you might wonder? Well I’m busily extracting myself from one of my volunteering efforts. When things settle back to normal I’ll participate more, for now I have more important things to put my energy too.

The de-cluttering has stalled although I think I’m getting better at daily de-junking if that makes sense.

Now it’s back to the keyboard. I have a heap of assignments due this week and the clock is ticking!

See you later!