… a three-year old having a major meltdown and me trying to say thank you?


We’re both lost for words!

This morning my morning walk with Perry ended up being a bit longer than anticipated. He decided that a swim was on the cards, despite my best efforts to keep him out of the water. I was on a deadline and a wet dog in need of drying off didn’t feature in today’s plans. So I walked the extra-long route so that Perry could dry off. The extra-long route follows the bike path behind one of the local day care centres. As we walked along, there was one young man with his mother and even younger sister. Mum looked grimly determined, sis was looking behind her half amused, half scared and the young man was in full and complete meltdown. I could still hear him after he’d gone inside! I don’t remember being three years old, although I’m quite sure I had my share of toddler tantrums at that age.

It’s really hard to say what is upsetting you when you don’t have the words. Likewise, sometimes it’s really hard to say thank you.

The deadline I mentioned above was the submission of my application for start-up funding. It had to be today, the rest of the week is going to be far too hectic.

The first thank you that I tried to get out was to The Engineer. He’s done lots and lots of work on my business plan and application papers. Proofing it, fixing my Finnish, listening to my ideas and giving feedback. So this morning he left for the office and I walked some of the way with him. He was also leaving later today on a trip to London. It was just a very weird odd moment when we did finally part ways and I was quite surprised that I was almost in tears when I said thank you.

Good news for the day was that the business plan and application was submitted and to my immense surprise they promised some sort of feedback as early as tomorrow. I’ve been playing telephone tennis for the last week with one insurance salesman, and today we finally managed to actually finish a conversation! Things on this front are looking up at least.

Now I’m not lost for words now.