Here is the daily decluttering! Two items today, so the total is now 12. I went back and checked everything that has left the house so far and decided that it makes more sense to group like items together, i.e. two printer cartridges in one day counts as one item!

A magazine from 2010: thrown away!

Finger puppets that came as part of a promo: donated!

What a great day! The second day of autumn, and it felt like summer has definitely moved on. I left the house just as it started bucketing down. Luckily I’d decided to wear my gumboots (Hai-saappaat). I love my gumboots, they are wine-red and super comfortable. I could easily wear them all year round (except that my feet would get far too hot in summer).

Enough of my autumn fashion ๐Ÿ™‚ I had planned on getting my digital folders in order. Especially my work photos. Unfortunately a request for quote and some training got in the way. I did clean out a heap of unread messages from my in-box though. I felt a little bad, because more than half of them were blog posts that I’ll never get the chance to read in good time. I still follow the blogs, I’ll just have to get to the reader more often. (I will admit reading blog-posts from the reader doesn’t feel as nice as opening up the e-mail notice.)

I thought while I was deleting the emails that I could unsubscribe from newsletters and was disappointed that I only found one to unsubscribe from. I think I need to have stricter guidelines about what I should and shouldn’t keep.

Now I’m off to shine the sink and hopefully get some photos off the camera and into the mail for the boss! I haven’t worked out how to count the digital decluttering yet, so for now those items are gone but not counted yet!

I also need to work out which spot in the house will be the next one to get the treatment. I’m thinking the kitchen bench. It’s great when it’s completely bare, I can actually prepare lots of food and enjoy myself at the same time!!!

Sleep tight and donโ€™t let the bed bugs bite ๐Ÿ™‚