I really should share my goal with you, after all, what is the point of me documenting this whole process?!

Have you, per chance heard of C.H.A.O.S.? Can’t Have Anybody Over Syndrome. No? Well, welcome to my reality :/ Sure, we can have people over. It generally entails a great hiding of stuff, or if it’s on very short notice, profuse apologising for the messy state of affairs…

If we take the hiding option it means dumping stuff on the bed, bathroom or sauna and then restricting entrance to those rooms. It might also mean stuffing cupboards to capacity and the hoping like hell that I don’t need to go looking for anything in the meantime 🙂

Of course, normal life means that all of the hidden stuff has to be moved elsewhere again so we can brush our teeth, use the sauna or go to sleep!

I’m really tired of it.
I’m tired of not being able to find stuff.
I’m tired of not being able to find space to put the important things in my life, the things I like or those pesky bits of paper that we need to keep for the taxman.
I’m tired of feeling anxious in my own home.
I’m tired of dodging the piles in the hallway.
I’m tired of the kitchen bench disappearing after only 24 hours of being clutter-free.
I’m tired of shifting things on the dining room table so we can eat a family meal in peace.
I’m tired of not being able to extend an invite to a friend to feel free to drop by anytime for coffee.
I’m tired of hearing The Engineer threatening to move out.
I’m tired of Mr. 14 telling me that I deserve my episode on “Hoarders”.
I’m tired on the in-laws making excuses not to stay with us or visit.
I’m very tired of feeling that it’s somehow all my fault.
I’m tired of being tired.

Is anybody else tired of being tired?

I need to be able to have people over at any time.
I need to rearrange the furniture so the house feels new again. Then rearrange again if it takes my fancy.
I need to be relaxed in my own home.
I need to get rid of lots of stuff.
I need The Engineer and Mr. 14 to believe in me.
I need to let go of being anxious about letting go!

I’ve heard it said that if your house is messy and has lots of clutter then it’s because you are lazy. Well stop right there. While I am many things, lazy is not one of them. The opposite in fact. Three jobs, two different areas of study plus home and family like does not put me in the lazy category.

So there you have it. The goal is be less overwhelmed, more organised and living a somewhat simpler life. This is my challenge. Come back later and I’ll let you know how day two has progressed…