This won’t work if I don’t set rules, boundaries and a few basic do’s and don’ts.

Rule # 01: DO: Post every day. DO: De-clutter every day.

Rule # 02: Post honestly – I normally keep the crappy stuff to myself. Note to self: it’s okay to have an off-day every now and again. DON’T sweat it!

Rule # 03: DO: Find the system or systems that work and stick with them. I know, I know, hardly rocket science, sometimes the most basic things get overlooked šŸ˜‰

Rule # 04: Clutter takes many forms. Digital, physical, mental – it’s all debilitating and it all needs to be gone from my life!! DON’T forget the big picture. DON’T be overwhelmed.

Rule # 05: De-cluttering also takes many forms. Deleting, donating, giving away, recycling and selling all of these will be my main modus operandi in clearing out the clutter:)

Rule # 06: Daily posts should include tasks completed, items de-cluttered, de-cluttering method and a running total / count of everything that has gone marching out the door šŸ™‚

Rule # 07: An item marked for sale isn’t officially de-cluttered until it has left the building.

Rule # 08: Use pictures whenever and where ever possible.

Rule # 09: It’s not the end of the world if I miss a day of de-cluttering. It just means an extra thing goes the next day šŸ˜‰

Rule # 10: Have fun!!!

Posted on the go! From my Nokia Lumia šŸ™‚