To my faithful followers, thank you for sticking with the journey so far. It’s been less than smooth.. I’m glad you’re with me anyway. The house still isn’t ‘dog ready’, although surprise, it’s quite a miracle that nothing has been destroyed! There are still piles all over the place and the kitchen sink is once again hidden … It’s got so bad that my menu is based on cooking in the smallest space possible :/

So… a change is coming. Yesterday I turned 47. It was a very normal day – I went to work, came home, ran some errands, cooked dinner, walked the dog… you know the usual. Actually there were 5 dog walks in total, work was a big mess due to my computer being stuck in some loop and the main errand consisted on getting shoes for Mr. 14. Up another size … seriously, when will his feet stop growing?!?!?!?!

I did have some time for thinking whilst walking the dog – it’s “my time” and realised that I’ve not set any firm rules for myself. I followed that thought a bit further and decided to investigate what other people’s challenges were. My sister over at Box of Photos is doing a daily photo challenge and I like the idea of quick short posts for each day. Another one that I follow on Facebook is Clutter365 where the author was so happy with her progress she just kept going…

I also don’t like the name of the blog so much – it was funny when I wrote the piece to start with – now it just feels odd.

I like the 48th journey around the sun idea. This comes from a quote I found that says

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip. – Author Unknown

So as I journey around the sun yet again, join me as I take little steps towards being clutter free and in control again. I suspect my oomph will surface very shortly!

Today I rename the blog, I set the rules, I shine the sink as per The Flylady and let’s get this show on the road! Coming shortly the new name and the rules!!!!

Hold tight, I think it could get a little bumpy for a while.