Four blogs, four ‘have you seen my oomph?’ posts, fortunately very few follow all four blogs. If you do, then you’ll know I’m on a mission of sorts. Also looking for a missing travel card.

The travel card is 99% certainly in the pocket of the jacket I was wearing last time I had to use public transport. That jacket has been waiting patiently in the laundry basket for my return from holiday to be washed. What are the chances that when I go through the pockets there will be the travel card? Yet another example of something NOT being put back where it belongs. However, I’m getting off topic. The missing oomph is what’s really troubling me.

So, I’m off to find my oomph. I’ll be blogging, tweeting and facebooking once again when I find it… In the meantime here is a picture of a bag I nearly bought from a cute little second-hand shop in Maarianhamina. I was really good this holiday, I didn’t buy one single souvenir. Although this bag sorely tempted me…

Cute bag
Cute bag, from Emmaus in Maarianhamina

Anyway, once I’ve found the oomph I’ll be back. See you then!

PS I think on my return I’ll be making some changes on this blog. It doesn’t quite feel right 😉