I should have taken a ‘before’ picture for comparisons sake.

Last night the sink was shiny again. For the first time in months it was totally clear of dirty dishes, bottles and cans waiting for the recycling, smelly dish rags and that fine layer of toast and bread crumbs that appear whenever bread is anywhere near the toaster.

I won’t lie – it took quite a few hours. Apart from the sense of achievement I felt at the end, the best reward was walking into the kitchen this morning and seeing all that empty space.

The Engineer and Mr. 13 were similarly impressed and promised to try and kep it that way. One of Mr. 13’s jobs is to empty the dishwasher. Sometimes there is a timing issue and dirty dishes pile up waiting to be loaded into the machine. Then the handwashing gets delayed and the piles build and build.

No more. That stinkin’ thinkin’ “it’s not my job” stops right now. If Mr. 13 isn’t around and the job needs doing, I’ll just get on and empty it myself.

Simple. An empty dishwasher equals no reason for piles equals clesn dishes equals shiny sink.

The 1st twenty four hours have passed and I’m pleased to say it’s still sparkling 🙂