It’s a first world problem I know. Too many things to do and not enough time. I can’t even think of a song to summarise the mood. Usually I ALWAYS have a song lurking and ready to go. Why do we do these things to ourselves? Is it just my type of personality? Do others just let it ride? Perhaps they just say, bugger it and move on to the next thing, not worrying that earlier jobs aren’t completed or have been rushed. Is it perfectionism rearing its ugly head?

I recently undertook the exercise of mapping my day: woke, walked the dog, showered & dressed, breakfast, walked to work (with dog), worked, walked home (with dog), went to school, at school, shopped for food on the trip home, back to work, home, walk the dog, cook dinner, wash clothes, feed dog, dog out, washing out, check mail, paid bills, looked at homework (brain mushy by this time, so took far longer than it should have) fell into bed .. oh and dog out again before falling into bed… repeat.

Don’t get me wrong: every individual part of my life gives me great pleasure and fun. Just sometimes it feels like maybe there is too much in some parts…

At the risk of repeating myself, first world problem…

I know I’m not alone. Speaking with J this week and we both mentioned the exact same thing. You try to do many things and nothing gets done properly. I know some will read this and say ‘properly, smoperly, doesn’t matter as it long as it gets done’. Well true, although if other people are counting on the job done properly, it matters; if money coming into the bank account depends on the job done properly, it matters. Plenty of reasons why it matters.

Will you excuse me if I say I’m tired and grumpy? I thought not. It’s not really an excuse, although today it fits really well. As did yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that even! Does this post belong here? Should I put these thoughts and actions out there? Probably not, although in all seriousness it can’t be roses and sunshine all the time (or is the saying roses and champagne?).

The above listing is a very simplified version of events. May I add that not included are the long and involved discussions with Mr. 13 about his wardrobe and my wallet (two very incompatible subjects) or the equally long and involved discussion with The Engineer over some business negotiations that are perpetually sitting on the edge of going pear-shaped.

While I’m in the grumbling, I’ll just take a few minutes to examine the support the fairer (?) sex hands out to each other. Seriously, we do more damage to ourselves and our ’cause’ than any well-meaning man is ever capable of… let me list the ways. On second thoughts, let me not. You know what I mean: take your pick from the following short list: oh you … bottle-fed / breast-fed / work from home / don’t work / do work / like boys / like girls / like both / home school / public school / private school / public transport / own car and on and on. Why can’t we celebrate the fact that we are all different… and the same 🙂

I’m sure that you know those petty types that insist on denigrating everyone elses choice. I’m guessing it’s jealousy although I’m not 100% certain of that analysis. I’m not buying into the whole, “they’re better than me” or “I’m better than them” arguments that swirl around. What’s that saying about walking in someone else’s shoes?

Okay, now I feel better. I won’t say I’m more relieved or happier or sadder, just feeling better 🙂 RANT OVER 🙂

This has been in draft mode since early February, and pretty much sums up exactly how my life has been over these past few months. Thought it was a good time to share 🙂