Useless factoid of the day: Helsinki has numerous ‘problem waste’ stations. It may be useless for you, for me these are the best thing since compost bins.

It’s so simple. Go to the closest problem waste dumping spot (in my case it is the local Shell petrol (gas) station. Tell the bored cashier you have problem waste. Watch her face first light up with joy, as this represents something a little out of the ordinary. Then watch as her joy fades to consternation when she can’t find the form.

One does have to fill in the form, which requests such information as name, address and the type and quantity of problem waste you are carrying. I don’t think they can accurately match up the amounts marked down and the actual quantities, although possibly there is someone gainfully employed tracking the amount of batteries deposited in Herttoniemi as opposed to Espoo. No, I think it’s to make sure that businesses are not taking advantage of something offered for free to the residents

So I filled in the form, got the key to the problem waste container, let myself in, deposited the batteries and returned the key to the bored cashier.

Problem waste solved for another few months.

I was going to share the form, and if I could find it under the heap of papers that need going through I would. Instead I’m hitting publish and going to bed.

Here’s a bed-time thought for you – let’s ope that the puppy holds it in until his morning walk…