Actually I’ve done a few declutters since my last post. At least two of them I forgot to document properly with the camera: clothes, toys all sent to the charity bin.

Today’s post I’m particularly excited about as it involves one of my favourite ‘hobbies’: RECYCLING. Yes, folks recycling is decluttering. At least in my book it is… further photographic evidence following:

Clean bottles

I was determined to make a batch of sima (Finnish brewed drink, traditionally prepared for Vappu (Mayday) this year. I’ve made it before and it’s very easy and very yummy and despite the words ‘brewed’ in the title is child friendly (it’s like home-made ginger beer for my Aussie followers). So for a month of so if we needed to buy any drink it would be in a glass bottle with a screw top lid. After drink was drunk, the bottles were washed and stored under the sink in preparation for my sima factory. Well Mayday came and went, and I didn’t get a chance to get my sima on. The bottles remained gathering dust under the sink. At the same time I removed all the cleaning agents from under the sink I bagged up the bottles and took them to the recycling (clear glass only) bin. Note the ever useful Ikea bag lurking underneath.

Paper ready to go

The amount of paper that comes into the house is incredible. We have magazines (subscribed to), daily paper and then the weekly local ‘junk mail’ and flyers. I really should put a sticker on the door to cancel the freebies, however I get a lot of good visitor information from those that my business can use. So they stay.

Then let’s not mention school papers, office papers, bills… I tried to sign up for online mailbox for my bills and because I didn’t open the box often enough (why read a bill when you know exactly how much it is and what it’s for?!) they changed my parameters to be snail mail again. Now I have to go through the whole process all over again.

Once more I’ve been distracted from the main point. The ‘rubbish room’ (I’ll have to share a picture of that one day) has a heap of bins, three for regular rubbish, two for biodegradable rubbish, two for newspapers and one for cardboard. Now that I’m getting organised (!) the papers go straight to the Ikea bag that floats around the house. Eventually it will have a home of its own. Right now it’s the crown jewel on a tower consisting of Lego tubs! Once the bag is sufficiently full and not to heavy for Mr. 13 to lug downstairs off it goes. Some of the bills get ripped very finely if they make it to this bag, otherwise I cheat a little and put them into the regular rubbish.