This popped up under the spam comments for Day 7:

can you explain more about your post? actually, i cannot understand it fully

At first I thought it was serious. Then I looked a little closer – the preview showed me list of Spanish web addresses that may or may not be legitimate. Obviously it’s spam. Pretty clever comment for spam I thought. Beats the ‘ get more hits on your page ‘ which seems to be the bulk of spam comments that I attract.

So de-cluttering 101 / in a nutshell (for me at least). Pick up; Evaluate… then put away, throw away or give away. Lots of away in that sentence! The super super important thing to remember is that once you have stuff to go away (as in out of the door), you actually put it out! Otherwise, piles of stuff to give away / throw away start collecting in corners.

So far, every time I’ve done a de-cluttering post, the stuff is out the door before I post. So I’m feeling okay about this process, although I know the piles are starting to grow again.

All this rambling is because I have something I desperately want to get off my chest. It involves a neighbour and the police, and so I’m a little reluctant to put it out there. The chances that the neighbour will see this are slim to none. Still I’m wary and dare I say it, a little afraid … That pisses me off.

I’ll let the words fester for a while and come back later when things have settled.