Time is getting away from me, so I am going to try very hard to create this post in just 15 minutes. The clock is ticking already.

Flylady sent this text today in a message entitled ‘is your bedroom a junkyard?’ I’ve posted the questions below, my answers in bold red!

I want you to ask yourself a few questions about this room in your home.

1. Do you sleep here? Yes

2. Do you want the room to be restful and inviting? Yes

3. Do you want do get up in the night and not bump into things. Definitely!

4. Do you have trouble closing your Drawers? Don’t have any drawers, so can’t answer this question! We have cupboards. More on them later…

5. Can you find the clothes you are looking for? Sometimes, more often not so quickly or easily…

6. Do things fall off the closet shelf and hit you? How did you know?! That is an affirmative. So far, nothing hard has hit me in the face. It is only a matter of time.

7. Are you afraid to look under the bed? Not really, we have so much under-bed storage, there is no room for anything else.

8. Are clothes piled to the ceiling on the chair in the corner? No chair in this room. Instead we have two chests at the end of the bed, there are always piles on these.

9. Is your cedar chest filled with stuff you will never wear again? No, don’t have cedar chest for clothes storage. One or two shelves in the cupboard probably qualify.

10. Can you walk between the bed and the wall or are there several
piles of newspapers, books, trash and clothes? Again, you seem to have some supernatural insight into my bedroom. Big piles there… Mostly magazines and books.

11. Do you have to crawl into bed from the foot of the bed because
there is no room to walk? See above …. yes

12. Is stuff piled so high on the dressers and nightstands you have
forgotten what they look like? I am so busted.

13. Are the Cobwebs becoming moth collectors? No cobwebs that I’m aware of…

14. Are the dust bunnies reproducing in the corners and under the bed? Plenty of dust bunnies. My favourite type of bunnies!

15. Can you see out your bedroom windows? Best part of our room are the windows. Yes, we can see out very easily.

16. Can you close your closet door? Yes, although I will say that there seem to be more things outside the cupboard than inside. So if everything was put back inside… I’d be in big trouble.

17. Have the spiders decided to winter over behind your bed? No, not in this house.

18. If you open the drapes does the room fog up from the dust in them? No, probably because we sleep with the windows open year round. They get ventilated very nicely thank you very much.

19. Do you know what color your carpet really is? We have wooden floors, sometimes I do wonder what the pattern of the wood is though…

Because I’m out of time now, tomorrow I’ll post before pictures. Hopefully by the end of the week there will be after pictures also!!!