This is one step that I have struggled with every time I restart the Flylady. This morning I did a Google picture search and found some very fancy and over the top control journals. Just looking at the pictures makes me feel that I should be pulling out the craft supplies and start snipping and gluing.

I was getting a little disillusioned when I happened upon this blog and then a few clicks on I found this blog. That got me thinking – close on 20 years ago I received a lovely Filofax like this one:

Finsbury Filofax: new (Courtesy Filofax on-line shop site)

Now mine has been sitting in the back of my bookshelf for the last two years, prior to that I ‘m pretty sure it was gathering dust in the bottom of the wardrobe. A few times I’ve been tempted to sell it. Then I look at its overflowing pages and papers just shoved in and think ‘no it can wait a little longer’…

It’s a good thing that I didn’t sell it. Now this:

My 20-year-old filofax, just as it was the last time I used it…

can become something my key to chaos under control.

Now I have empty this old one out, that will be a trip down memory lane I think. I’ve seen things poking out from my lives in Alice Springs; on board, Tasmania, Melbourne and Finland. Bear with me, this could take a while!