Good morning! It’s day two of my journey.

Flylady is all about taking it in small steps and building routines.
Step 1: Shine the sink – check x two! Last night I went to bed with a shiny sink for the first time in months. Man it was really nice to walk into my kitchen this morning and see that fantastic clutter free bench.
Step 2: that’s the step for today: dress to shoes. Well I’m dressed, just not to the shoes part. Having lived in Finland for 10 years plus it is deeply, deeply ingrained NOT to wear shoes inside. I can not do it. I even bought a pair of slippers 12 months ago that I thought I could use in place of proper shoes. The closest I can do is this pair of flip-flops:


However I do dress every day before I do anything. Even the days I know I won’t be leaving the house.

As today is Saturday, I need to share that it is Family Fun Day! Today my family are all doing their own thing. It’s Fun and it works 🙂

Have a great day!