This is actually my third blog. I had an exercise in creative writing on blog # 1 and Erica the Vulgar was born out of this piece. Last night book club were my guests. There was CRISIS CLEANING because I live in CHAOS. Head over to FlyLady and you can learn just what these phrases are all about.

One of our topics centred about one of our members who lives in an amazing apartment, all white and never any clutter. EVER. I am more than a little envious because my house will never look like this!

Now I’ve followed the Flylady for a couple of years now and somethings have stuck: making the bed every morning; using soap for toilet cleaner.I haven’t bought toilet cleaner for two years now.

Okay two things have stuck, and if I’m really honest it’s only the toilet cleaner that is the one change. I’ve been making my bed for as long as I can remember…

So this blog will be my journey from CHAOS to FLYING. I’ll post daily with pictures and tell you how I’m doing.

STEP ONE: I need to shine my sink.

An un-shiny sink

Another key Flylady principle is getting rid of perfection. Thus there is no alignment for this blog and I probably won’t do to much playing around with the layout. I will spell check though.

I’d like to come back later today and share my shiny sink with you.