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My 51st year (and beyond) … heading towards a simpler existence (or just getting on top of it all!)

Before & after – 2017/01 — 02/02/2017

Before & after – 2017/01

Some work from yesterday… bathroom cupboard was cleaned out and reorganised

Bathroom cabinet... before
Bathroom cabinet… before

So this is how it looked first thing in the morning.

I took everything out, examining each item as I went. Rubbish was dumped immediately and everything else sat on the washing machine.

Shelves were wiped down, the tooth mugs washed and the basin got a good scrubbing.

Putting everything back was a bit trickier. I toyed with the idea of all deodorants together, all razors together etc. Some items were put in their proper place – that is not in the bathroom cabinet!

In the end I went with top shelf for The Engineer, middle shelf for me and bottom shelf for Mr. 17.

Bathroom cupboard tidy again!
Bathroom cupboard… after

Some vigilance is required. Less than 24 hours after the job was completed already things had been put on the wrong shelf 😉

I asked for feedback – The Engineer couldn’t tell the difference and Mr. 17 complained because his face cream was missing.

Still I’m happy with the end result and that’s all that counts!

7 steps to motivation… — 01/02/2017
Motivation mojo —

Motivation mojo

So for the last two days I’ve had big motivation issues. Just can’t get started. I wouldn’t say I can be bothered… just I’m not excited to open the email and do work stuff.

Now to find some mojo !

Flowers for a habit — 31/01/2017

Flowers for a habit

My first new habit of the year – buying fresh flowers once a week for the house. Two bunches, one for the hallway, one for the kitchen / lounge / dining.

The only stipulation is that have to be Finnish. So at the moment that’s tulips ❤

Yet another new theme… — 25/01/2017